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LRTC Fiber Construction Update

3:07PM May 02, 2018

All Green Zones (in-service) are completed and now require a two-year contract (must own home), or $99 upfront with a 1-year contract or $250 no contract.  Fiber construction crews have completed these zones and relocated. A new service request (order) can take 8-10 weeks if your home needs construction in the green zones. We understand this can be discouraging and we appreciate everyone who signed up while crews were working in these zones. Once we have several new service orders in these green zones, our contractor will get a crew back n the area to build your request. We promise the service is worth the wait if you missed out while crews were working in the zone. 

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11:29AM February 15, 2018

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11:21AM May 09, 2017

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1:41PM January 05, 2017

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3:54PM October 17, 2016

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2:19PM July 08, 2016

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8:47AM April 11, 2016

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