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Phase II | Construction Coming Soon!

3:39PM June 25, 2019

Lake Region Electric Cooperative started the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network in 2012 because of quality of life, and economic development is tied to the availability of high-speed internet at an affordable price. We understand communities within our electric service territory: Cherokee, Wagoner, Muskogee, Rogers, Mayes, Adair, and Sequoyah are underserved, and we recognize the crucial role: LREC can play in meeting our members' and the community needs. Access to a high-speed internet connection, at a reasonable price, has gone from a luxury to a necessity, and most of our rural members are at risk of being left behind. LREC is stepping up and making sure this does not happen, building a network that no one else would build.  

Understand taking on this large of a project will take time (many years) to build from the ground up. That is why the LREC Board of Trustee, management, engineering consultants have chosen to construct the service territory in phases to protect co-op ratepayers and the financial integrity of the electric cooperative. Lake Region’s FTTH Phase I is expected to be completed at the end of summer 2019, over 800 miles of fiber optic lines and thousands of service drops. 

We understand that everyone has been eagerly awaiting the announcement of our fiber-to-the-home Phase II details. Phase II zones are under evaluation now; Another roughly 800 miles of fiber mainline. 

Several factors are analyzed when launching new fiber expansion zone. 

  • Location to the current fiber network and equipment. 
  • The demand, pre-registered members. Therefore it is crucial for customers interested to pre-registering for service. 
  • Make ready construction issues, tree trimming, taller poles for clearance, and easements. 
  • We are also securing funding available, both grants and loans for Phase II. 

We plan to share our Phase II (new service area) late summer 2019. Stay tuned to this website, newsletter or social media for details on Phase II fiber construction.

We will continue to build new service drops for customers as they order service in our completed zones (Phase I).  

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