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FTTH Update | Lake Crossing Near Ranger Creek is Complete!

3:55PM September 18, 2017

To bring Lake Region fiber optic services to our members, we have launched a major construction project to suspend and bury miles of brand new fiber optic cable in rural parts of Cherokee, Muskogee, and Wagoner counties. Please remember we are building a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network from the ground up. Construction will take time but understand, we are building a network that will last years into the future. We appreciate the patience of all our early backers in this project.

Zone 5 – Perk | This zone was the fastest zone to reach the goal needed of backers to provide service with our Crowdfiber Campaign. Thank you to all the early backers for launching this zone into service first. Zone 5 – Perk was completed in March 2017. Once the construction is completed in a zone, the contractor crews will move to the next zone. Any new service requested after crews have left a zone could take 8 - 10 weeks to connect. We understand this can be discouraging and we appreciate your patience on your fiber connection. We encourage members to sign up before or while construction crews are working in a zone. We would like for you to consider the service is worth the wait.

Zone 1 - Ft Gibson | Crews have just completed a 1550 foot span over the Ft Gibson Lake near Ranger Creek. Fiber crews are now working on building the line on the north side of Ranger Creek (Rocky Haven Dr, Basore Cove Rd, Pistol Point Rd, Banana Cove and north along Highway 80).

Zone 2 - Hulbert | Crews are working on finishing the remaining drop request in this area, roughly 170 more houses need to be connected. We have connected 200 homes in this zone. We are also evaluating the feasibility of extending Zone 2 - Hulbert further north to reach more members. Be sure you are signed up and registered if you live north of Lost City toward Peggs. These pre-registration “backers” guide our construction plans.

Zone 12 - Sparrow Hawk | Mainline construction is finishing up, and we have released the drop request. The members should start seeing crews running service lines overhead and underground to all the addresses registered in this zone. Splicing and testing will also be underway while drop crews are working in the area. Once construction is complete in this zone, new service requests could take 8 - 10 weeks similar to other completed zones.

Zone 11 - County Line | Mainline construction has started in this zone! We are sorry for all the delays and unforeseen issues we had regarding this zone starting construction. This zone was placed on hold for several months. Zone 11 – County Line is a high priority to complete based on all the backers who have pre-registered so long ago. We understand the frustration and are working to connect all the backers in this zone to our fiber network as fast as we can.

Zone 3 - Keys | We have mainline construction proceeding in this area, Highway 82, Houseshoe Bend Rd, Indian Rd, and Stone Chapel Rd. Mainline construction moves a lot faster than drops and splicing. This zone is next in line in order of zones with the most backers signed up on our Crowdfiber website. Meanwhile, if any other zone passes Zone 3 - Keys in the number of backers, they could be built sooner.

The remaining zones are up in the air if we will build them based on the current backers pre-registered. Be sure to help bring Lake Region FTTH services to your area and launch your zone into construction, next, by pre-registering online at or calling 918-772-2526. LRTC will waive the $250.00 installation fee for the early online backers. More than 1,600 members are already surfing the web at high-speeds, and your area could be next! Get your neighbors and friends on board.

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