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2017 | A Busy Year for FTTH Construction

1:38PM February 08, 2018

Last year was a busy year with fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) construction. More than 2294 members pre-registered as backers on our Crowdfiber site; we connected 1035 new customers to our network. That is significant progress, and that progress is due to grassroots support from members like you, members knocking on neighbors’ doors, yard signs, and community meetings.  Your support continues to move us toward the goal of making reliable, high-speed internet, TV, and phone service available throughout our service territory. 

We now provide ultra-fast internet, TV, and phone service in areas of Hulbert, Lost City, Woodall, and east of Ft Gibson, Norwood, Highway 10 and Sparrow Hawk Mtn. You can view our service map online. We also have construction started in Broken Arrow and continuing in Keys. As we move into 2018, our goal is to continue pushing more zones to their goals and to expand our network further into other areas.  We anticipate we will be constructing Lake Region’s fiber-optic network in more of these zones.

A project of this magnitude doesn’t come without challenges. We realize that while most areas of our service territory want better internet service, in some places, that want is a desperate need. Frustration, frayed patience, and doubt begin to surface. Lake Region can’t promise that many of you won’t continue to wait another year, two, or even three. These are the realities of building a new fiber network.

Just as Lake Region Electric Co-op carefully budgets to provide safe and reliable power, so too does Lake Region Technology and Communications. There is only so much financing we can obtain, only so much risk we can tolerate, and only so many miles of fiber we can physically build at one time. What LREC can promise you is that your board and the employees will continue to do everything they can to make Lake Region Fiber Optic available to more members. I hope we can count on your continued support too.

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