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Frequently Asked Questions: Fiber Construction

8:41AM October 03, 2018

What is included in the installation?  Lake Region will attach a small gray box NID (Network Interface Device) to the outside of your home. A fiber line will accompany the electric feed to your home connecting your home to the new fiber network.

When will billing begin for my services? Billing for your Lake Region Technology services will begin after final installation is complete and you start receiving service inside the home. Services are billed in advance of usage, i.e., June service will be billed May 1.

Is technical support offered? Yes! Lake Region Technology subscribers will receive free 24/7 technical support on all services by calling 888-326-3035.

Who is completing the construction for installation of service? Lake Region Technology has contracted Ervin Cable Construction Inc. to build the network based on, among other things, their expertise and safety record. Pulse Broadband as our engineering consulting company. Crews will work with Lake Region Electric’s lines, poles and underground electrical locations (where available) to install fiber optics. Once the mainline construction is complete, drop contractors will be running fiber to those who have signed up for the service. At that time, they will also be installing a NID box on the side of the location where the fiber service will be entering the house or building. The final step is splicing all connections and testing signal from a POP building.

What is a POP Building? Point of presence building, these buildings, a located at substations across our service area, act as the main switchboards along our network. They house the devices that power our fiber-to-the-home network. The devices inside these buildings connect our network to the internet.

What is Fiber-to-the-Home? The type of network we are building we will run fiber cable directly into your home and connect to an ONU (Optical Network Unit) inside of your home, which then sends service directly to your devices.  We will offer managed wireless service - Wi-Fi as well.

Do I need to be home when the construction crews are working on my property? Not initially. Contractors will be doing all the work outside on your property, including attaching the box to the side of your home, but they will not need entry into your home. However, installers will contact you once construction of your fiber line has been completed to schedule a time for final installation and activation. We will need access inside your home to complete your in-home installation so that we will need someone present at that time.

 How do I know when my service is ready? We understand waiting for great new technology is no fun. It is hard for our company to give you a hard deadline when service is available. We are managing several factors; weather, contractor crews efficiency, material availability, easements, and permits as well as engineer and design. We will call you once we have confirmation that your address is complete and has a good signal. You can follow us on Facebook for updates or view our website.

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