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Lake Region Fiber Construction Continues | FTTH Service available in more zones

10:54AM June 14, 2018

Fiber optic crews continue to move forward across several zones. Bringing internet with the speed you need, HD TV and home phone service to many more members.  We want to thank the members (backers) for their amazing support driving this project. We have connected 2,500 people to our fiber-to-the-home FTTH network. We know we have many more miles and many more homes and businesses we need to connect. We now have five in-service active zones with five more zones under construction with three zones verifying the design and demand.  If you live in any of the zones listed below and haven't signed up, now is the time! We want to keep our crews working and connecting more members. If you have any questions please give us a call 918-772-2526

Zones where service is currently available. 

  • Pilot Zone
  • Zone 1 - Ft Gibson
  • Zone 2 - Hulbert
  • Zone  5 - Perk
  • Zone 11 - County Line

Zones under construction

  • Zone 3 - Keys
  • Zone 12 - Sparrow Hawk
  • Hulbert Expansion
  • Zone 13 - Woodland Hills
  • Zone 6 - Qualls

Zones anticipating construction starting soon

  •  Zone 7 - Sleepy Hollow (driving out the route verifying design)
  • Zone 8 - Tahlequah
  • Zone 4 - Park Hill

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