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The rural broadband revolution is moving north of Tahlequah!

3:10PM July 27, 2018

After reviewing our project backers, the demand for our service is showing to be north of Tahlequah in Zone 7 - Sleepy Hollow. At our fiber construction meeting, we have determined to proceed with Zone 7 - Sleepy Hollow. The full build-out of the remaining feeders on the Sleepy Hollow substation is expected to take several months and cover approximately 88 miles of overhead and hundreds of underground drops. The contractors are beginning to build the mainline network in this zone.

We are excited and expect our members are as well! We encourage everyone located in Zone 7 - Sleepy Hollow to sign up. The time is now, and you do not want to miss out on these services; High-Speed Internet, Cable TV, and Home Phone.  We’ll share more information as it becomes available.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s going on with construction in other zones: 

IN-SERVICE ZONES - service is currently available. Please allow 8 - 10 weeks on in-service area request. Our contractors need to have a few days of work to relocate back into these completed zones.

  • Pilot Zone 
  • Zone 1 - Ft Gibson
  • Zone 2 - Hulbert
  • Zone 5 - Perk
  • Zone 11 - County Line


  • Zone 3 - Key - Mainline Complete | Splicing Complete | finishing the new service request.
  • Zone 12 - Sparrow Hawk - Mainline Complete | Splicing Complete | finishing new service request.
  • Hulbert - Expansion - Mainline Complete | finishing splicing and building service drops | Working on releasing completed addresses to fiber scheduling for the in-home installations in the next 30 days.
  • Zone 13 - Woodland Hills - Pulling mainline fiber through the conduit in Woodland Hills underground. Building drops for the new service request, as well as starting the in-home installation for completed service drops. Also reviewing and cost feasibility of extending this zone to pick up more backers.
  • Zone 6 - Qualls - Completing mainline construction and splicing as well as lighting up fibers in Qualls POP building. We understand several homes in this zone have fiber-to-the-home built. We are still working on the light signal from our POP building to each tap and drop. Bear with us as we continue to work on the POP building and light signal in this zone. You do not need to call to schedule your in-home installation, we will call you. 


  • Zone 7 - Sleepy Hollow - (mainline construction started!) 
  • Zone 8 - Tahlequah - need more backers pre-registered.
  • Zone 4 - Park Hill - need more backers pre-registered.

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