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Phase II | Fiber Construction Update | 5/5/21

9:48AM May 05, 2021


All in-service zones on the zone map (green)

·          If the home or business needs a fiber drop built, staking and construction can take 6-8 weeks. (Crews have already finished this zone and moved on to the next zone)

·         If the home or business already has a NID box installed - crews only need a light check. 1 -2 weeks.


New Zones - Active Construction (yellow)


·         Wagoner South (WAS1, WAS3, WAS4) – installs are underway (started in April 2021).  Could still be several weeks of install appts needing set up (as light reading and QC’s are finished).

·         LOW2 – the rest of the pending orders should be called for install by end of May.

·         GRE1 & GRE2 – NO estimated time of service available. Working through Easements, pole attachment agreement, and tie-line design to light up Greenleaf POP building. We will update once we have a better projection on when installs could start in GRE1 & GRE2.


·         Jenkins (JKN1) we expect to start installs in June.

·         Coweta (COW1, COW2, COW3) we expect to start installs in June. 

·         Livesay (LIV1) – we expect to start installs in June.


·         Wagoner West (WAW1) we expect to start installs in July.

·         Whitehorn (WHN3) we expect to start installs in July.

·         Johnston (JHN1, JHN2) we expect to start installs in July.

Phase 3 (orange and gray) 

·        Phase 3 (remaining) Feeders on our system - mainline construction is expected to start this fall. Vantage Point is field data collecting for the design of Phase 2 now. We will break these zones/feeders out in phase 3 with a better ETA on when service installs will start

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