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FTTH | Zone 13 - Woodland Hills (BA)

10:43AM December 01, 2017

For our member-owners in the Broken Arrow service area, progress has started on our first phase to provide blazing fast internet within Zone 13 - Woodland Hills (BA). We begin with setting our POP building at our electric substation; then we install miles of the strand that is attached to our poles. Once we pull the strand, crews will come back and attach the fiber. Then we build the fiber drops to each member who is pre-registered for service. Be sure you are pre-registered and have paid the $50 deposit. If you miss out on the initial build, you may be required to pay a $250 installation cost and line extension cost. If you sign up before we complete construction, you will have no contract and receive your $50 deposit back as a credit on your first bill. 

There are many, many steps in the process of bringing Lake Region fiber optic services to our member-owners. Zone 13 - Woodland Hills (BA) is one of the next zones we plan on starting construction. Now is the time to preregister for blazing fast fiber-to-the-home internet, cable TV and home phone from Lake Region. #LakeRegionFiber #jointhecrowd #FTTH

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