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Lake Region is still working in parts of Sleepy Hollow, Park Hill and Tahlequah Zones

8:40AM January 31, 2019

No surprise fiber construction does slow down in the winter. However, we are still moving forward with fiber-to-the-home mainline construction in parts of Sleepy Hollow Zone | Park Hill Zone |  Tahlequah Zone, and Woodland Hills - BA (Highland) Zone.  Members living within these zones listed we need you to do your part and pre-register for service. Early pre-registration will speed up the process of getting blazing-fast internet, simple TV and reliable phone service from Lake Region in your home while the focus is in these zones.  

While we have not stopped building new service orders in all the remaining in-service zones that are completed, the new service orders in completed zones take longer to get crews back into these zones to complete new fiber lines. We understand you may not have known when we were building your zone or are new to the area, we ask you for your patience and place your order, and we will work it into our drop construction crews workload. 

Your commitment to our fiber-to-the-home project is not taken lightly, and we truly appreciate the trust you have placed us to bring you a better and more reliable internet connection. 

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