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1:17PM September 25, 2019

Lake Region is gearing up to expand our fiber network to more homes in 2020, and our fiber deployment team is excited! We evaluate many factors that influence where we build new fiber; the number of pre-registered customers, overall construction, geography terrain and time-line for seeing a positive financial return on our investment, among many other factors. 

Lake Region’s end goal is to provide access to our fiber network to every LREC member. There must be interest from the members and the incoming revenue from areas that have service to support the continued construction. Give us a call today 918-772-2526 or visit to order service or pre-register for Phase II.

Where do we offer live service? 

  •  Tahlequah - (outskirts of town, LREC service area)
  • Qualls - Stone Chapel Rd, Pettit Bay, Cookson Bluff
  • Ft Gibson, Spurlock, 4 Mile Rd, Woodall
  • Park Hill, Sandy Hills, King Addition
  • Norwood, County Line
  • Sleepy Hollow, Moody, Grandview
  • Broken Arrow (LREC service area) Highland, Woodland Hills
  • Keys, Carter’s Landing, Park Hill.
  • Hulbert, Shady Grove, Coos Thompson, Clear Creek

What are the advantages of Lake Region fiber-optic service?

  • The fastest Internet speeds in the area - 500 Mbps download speeds and upload. With faster speeds being developed.
  • Connect multiple devices to the Internet without sacrificing speed.
  • Stream movies, TV shows and music on multiple devices with no buffering interruptions.
  • Boost your online gaming advantage by reducing lag time.
  • Newest technology and highest quality and most reliable connection.
  • Increased home value.
  • Local company, future sustainability.

Are you in Phase II - fiber construction? 

  • Southridge Housing Addition Tahlequah - Engineering
  • Greystone and Eagle Estates - Tahlequah - Engineering
  • Highland Sub - Feeder 1 (Bluegill, Broken Arrow) - Engineering
  • Qualls Sub - Feeder 1 (Burnt Cabin) - Engineering
  • Peggs Sub - Feeder 1 (Lost City Rd) - Coming soon
  • Lowery Sub - Feeder 1 (Lowery School) - Coming soon
  • Coweta Sub - Feeder 2 (Stone Corner) - Coming soon
  • Coweta Sub - Feeder 3 (Porter) - Coming soon
  • Wagoner West Sub - Feeder 1 (Osage Mound) - Coming soon
  • Wagoner South Sub - Feeder 1 (Taylor Ferry) - Coming soon
  • Wagoner South Sub - Feeder 4 (Mallard Bay) - Coming soon
  • Wagoner South Sub - Feeder 3 (Bakers) - Coming soon
  • Greenleaf Sub - Feeder 2 (Greenleaf Park) - Coming soon
  • Greenleaf Sub - Feeder 1 (Camp Gruber) - Coming soon

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