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 Fiber-to-the-Home, A New Necessity

In the 1930s, rural America had been left in the dark as electricity made its way across the country. Electricity had become a modern necessity, and big cities enjoyed the opportunities this emerging technology brought. But rural folks had to do without.

Into the gap stepped the hardworking men and women of rural America, who formed electric cooperatives to bring power to areas that had been overlooked. In our part of Oklahoma, they formed Lake Region Electric Cooperative.     

In the 21st century, new technology is emerging: Broadband Internet. This new technology is transforming lives and bringing economic development to the areas that adopt it. Once again, we have been left behind. Your cooperative must step up to the plate and do what others won't do.

Construction Build Out - How it Works

We are strategically searching for zones to expand our fiber network. We use the information collected from this site to aid us in determining where these places may be. By registering your address, you are expressing your interest in having Lake Region FTTH services. It's really that simple! Once enough interest has been expressed in a specific area, we will consider expanding our service network there. There are a large number of resources and labor required to bring a fiber-optic network to a neighborhood. The more supporters in your zone, the more likely we are to bring fiber to your door.

What is Fiber-to-the-Home?

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network, what we are building, carries up to 1000 times more information than traditional cable television and telephone networks and is far less susceptible to electromagnetic interference. "Fiber" refers to the transmission of information as light impulses along a strand of glass, smaller than a human hair.

What are the advantages of fiber?

  • The fastest Internet speeds in your area - up to 1000 Mbps download speeds and upload.  With faster speeds being developed. 
  • Connect multiple devices to the Internet without sacrificing speed.
  • Stream movies, TV shows, and music on multiple devices with no buffering interruptions. 
  • Boost your online gaming advantage by reducing lag time.
  • Newest technology and highest quality and most reliable connection. 
  • Increased home value.