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When will fiber come to my home?

1:58PM December 01, 2016

“When will fiber come to my home/neighborhood/community?” Is probably the most common question we hear at Lake Region and we understand. You have gone without fiber optic services for a long time, and now the best possible option could be dangling out in front of your home – close enough to touch.
We are in the process of a major construction project, which involves a lot of working parts. We are working with and managing numerous contract crews with a lot of challenging unknowns; weather, road crossings, etc.  We are building out fiber optic cable from our electric substations and using existing poles.

1 - The first step is engineering and mapping the fiber network (where the cable will be installed) based on the demand from the Crowdfiber pre-registrations website. (

2 - The second step is hanging the fiber backbone, the main lines with splice points. Once you see the main lines installed on your road, you are 90 days from having fiber optic services at your home.

3  - The third step is another crew will run the drop lines from the main line to your home either underground or aerial, the same way the electric has been run to the home. This crew will also install a NID box on the side of your home if you have signed up for fiber service. 

4 - Final step, we will schedule a convenient time for a technician to come to your home and connect your home to the network. Fiber installation can take 1 to 3 hours, depending on the number of services connected. Our technicians are highly trained and will help guide you through the process of where fiber may need to be installed inside your home. Currently, we are in the final step for Zone 5 – Perk, members are being connected. We plan on moving to parts of Zone 11 – County Line and Zone 1 – Fort Gibson next.

We know you are eager to experience our high-speed fiber internet. The plan you order is the actual speed and data limit you will receive. Your experience with our service depends on a number of factors. A lot of older computers, routers, and other equipment are simply not equipped to handle the higher speeds that Lake Region’s fiber offers. So you may need to consider some upgrades to maximize your fiber experience.
In the future, folks in  Lake Region’s fiber service area will be able to sign up and get service started in a few days. Those of you waiting patiently in the crowd are on the ground floor of this landmark fiber-to-the-home revolution. We are building a fiber communications network from scratch, with a lot of moving parts, and off of this system we are extending you fiber internet service, HD cable TV, and home phone. We appreciate your patience in our fiber network build.

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