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Lake Region Fiber Update

2:35PM February 20, 2017

Zone 5 - Perk 250 installs complete

Lake Region crews and contractors have been extremely busy the last several months delivering fiber service to our members in Zone 5 – Perk, Ft. Gibson area. In-home installations started in mid-December, and we now have over 250 members installed and connected to the blazing fast fiber network. We appreciate everyone's patience and support through this process. Every day brings new obstacles, and we are doing everything possible to exceed our members' expectations.

Contract crews are working in Zone 1- Ft Gibson splicing fiber and installing drops to homes that have signed up in this zone.

We have contract crews installing the main overhead line in Zone 2 – Hulbert.

Thank you to everyone who has registered in advance, be sure to tell your neighbors and friends to make sure they have pre-registered at while crews are working in the area. We do not want anyone interested in our fiber optic services to be missed.

We want to make sure that everyone, who is interested, is pre-registered so they can take advantage of the FREE installation. LRTC will waive the $250 installation fee for all pre-registered backers on the list.

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