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June 2017 - Construction Update

1:59PM June 06, 2017

Zone 5 – Perk - is complete. 292 members have been connected to fiber in this zone. (Zone will be closing soon, contractors will relocate) Installation is $75 for this zone currently and will change once crews relocate. The turnaround is 3 to 4 weeks for a fiber drop and installation to be complete if members sign up in Zone 5 – Perk.

Zone 1 – Ft Gibson - Mainline work is 90% complete. Fiber drops and splicing work is underway. Installation is $75 for this zone since construction has started. 94 members have been connected. Home installs are being scheduled now for the remaining backers in Zone 1 – Ft Gibson. We had to move several backers in the Zone 1 – Ft Gibson across the Lake to Zone 2- Hulbert. These will be connected as we build and connect the backers in Zone 2 – Hulbert. Be sure to register for fiber service before crews complete this zone. We do not want to miss anyone who is interested in the high-speed internet, cable TV or home phone.

Zone 2 – Hulbert - Mapping is complete and mainline construction crews are working in this zone. The goal is to start calling, and scheduling home installs in 2 -3 weeks?

Zone 12 – Sparrow Hawk – Working on the mapping of this zone. Hope to release this zone for construction after Zone 2 – Hulbert mainline work is complete.

Zone 3 – Keys - Mapping is complete. We are seeing steadied backer growth, but we still need more backers in this zone before we release construction crews.

Zone 11 – County Line - Mapping is complete. (Still on hold due to road project) We have electric contractors currently working in this zone relocating our electric lines along the road. Once this is complete, we plan to bring fiber crews back to this zone to work.

The remaining zones are up in the air if we will build them based on the current backers. Please help raise awareness of our fiber expansion campaign within your zone.  We need more backers in our fiber-to-the-home project before we release some of these remaining zones into construction. It is up to you the members to help get more backers (neighbors) signed up in these zones before we proceed. You can view the numbers required on the website

Southridge Tahlequah - we are conducting a feasibility study.  If you live or know somebody who may be interested in fiber-to-the-home services from Lake Region, please encourage these residents to sign up and let us know they are interested.  The decision to build fiber into Southridge all depends on the number of backers we can get signed up. Join the crowd and bring Lake Region fiber to your neighborhood. 

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