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July 26th | Fiber Construction Update

11:01AM July 26, 2017

Fiber builds are expensive, time-consuming, frustrating, rewarding, and more. It is not always easy making sure all members (backers) have the chance to be involved in the project updates. We send sincere thanks to every single member for their continued support, even during the challenges and frustrations.

Response from our members has been extraordinary. We know it can be frustrating for people to realize that their community may not be able to get fiber this year. With more than 3,000 miles of electric lines in eight counties, it will take years to provide service in all LREC communities. The more communities that get active fiber optic service, the more the excitement grows—let’s keep the momentum going.

Fiber is being delivered first to zones who have shown the most interest by pre-registering at However; this is just one way we evaluate when and where Lake Region can build. We also evaluate factors that influence overall costs, such as a community’s geography and timeline for seeing a positive financial return on our investment, among other factors.

Phase one is in full swing with 15 expansion zones which have construction crews working in 4 of the 15 zones.

 Zone 5 – Perk:  This zone fiber construction is complete, contract crews have relocated. Service is available. If a member is interested in service, please sign up on our Crowdfiber website Since construction is complete and the early backer $50 deposit deal is over for this zone, there are three ways to get service connected. A $250 installation fee with no contract commitment, a $99 installation fee with a one-year contract, and $0 FREE installation with a two-year contract. (Early terminations fee of $25 per month for the remaining contract). We have a four to five-week turnaround on request for new fiber service in Zone 5 - Perk. 

Zone 1 – Ft Gibson: This zone is still on hold due to the lake crossing project. We will update our backers in this zone via email and website, once we have a clear timeframe of when this lake crossing will be completed and can expect light readings for the remaining backers in this zone.

Zone 11 – County Line: Every day brings something new for this expansion zone. Our electric contractors who had the bid to relocate our electric lines, along the road widening project have quit due to unresolvable differences. We understand the frustration we are hearing from our project backers in this zone. We are now looking at bringing in a new electrical contractor group to complete this project or move forward with our inhouse construction crews. We have a deadline we need to meet for the Cherokee Nation. We will update our backers in this zone once we have a clear timeframe on when the electric work in this zone will be finished, and our fiber crews can start work on this zone. The continued patience and support of our backers is what will make Lake Region fiber optics a long-term success.

Zone 12 – Sparrow Hawk: We have mainline fiber construction crews working in this zone. This zone does have some geographic obstacles we will run into with our construction crews, our goal is to have home installations started in this zone within 90 days. We do have roughly 50 backers in this zone who have signed up but have not completed the registration by paying the $50 deposit needed. If you need to verify please call 918-772-2526. These backers with no deposit will be removed from the backer list if we do not receive the $50 deposit. We are only building fiber optic drops to the houses that are in a designated expansion zone with a deposit on file.

Zone 2 – Hulbert: Home installs have started, we have 47 backers active. Service will be established based on electric substation feeders. We are starting with Hulbert feeder 1 – Shady Grove Road, Killebrew, 710 rd. Hulbert feeder 3 – Grace Hudlin Rd, Highway 51, Clear Creek, Woodland Hills, Groat Rd. Hulbert feeder 4 – downtown Hulbert, inside the city limits of Hulbert, Hulbert Landing Rd.  We have over 400 orders and climbing for service in this zone. Fiber build outs are time-consuming.

Zone 3 – Keys: We have mainline fiber construction crews working to connect the Keys POP building with the Park Hill POP building.

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