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FTTH Zone 11 - County Line Construction Delayed

11:27AM December 19, 2016

Construction of fiber optic lines for Zone 11 - County Line is being delayed due to a proposed road widening project.  The road widening project covers County line, Six Mile, and Rocky Top Roads.  Our electric lines adjacent to these roads must be relocated before we can install the fiber optic cables on them.  The road project has been delayed due to some environmental issues.  Cherokee Nation is working diligently to resolve the environmental issues. Once we get the green light for the project, we will start construction of the new electric lines and the fiber optic cable that will attach to the new lines.  The fiber optics construction crews have proceeded to start construction in Zone 1 - Ft. Gibson.  We anticipate that we will be able to start the construction of the Zone 11 - County Line by the completion of Zone 1 - Ft. Gibson main line (backbone) construction. 

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