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Construction of Lake Region Fiber-To-The-Home Starting in September

1:56PM August 26, 2016

ATTN: All members who live in Zone 5 – Perk, your zone has the most pre-registered backers on our crowdfiber website. We are going to start fiber construction in Zone 5 – Perk, starting in September.

For Zone 5 residents only, the free installation period will end September 10th.  After September 10th, while the construction is in progress in your neighborhood, members can join the crowd and sign up for service at a reduced installation fee of $75.00 (non-refundable). Once the construction is completed in Zone 5 - Perk, a standard installation fee of $250.00 will apply, plus any additional line extension fees may be applicable.

We encourage members in Zone 5 - Perk who may be interested in Fiber-To-The-Home services to sign up now ! 

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