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5:31PM September 06, 2017

Timothy Carroll

Zone 13 Woodland Hills has had 43% of goal sign ups in less than 6 weeks. With only 134 more sign ups left to goal which is a smaller number than any other zone pending construction. Members of our neighborhood are spreading promotional materials around our small zone actively (around 5 square miles). What you may not be aware of, is that there are over 200 new lots being developed in our zone over the next 18 mos in a 1 mile radius of 71st and 305th st E. (Emerald Falls and The Meadows) If Fiber to Home were present and active when these lots are developed, there would be a huge ability to expand rapidly. Our area is not serviced by any of the current provider and beyond loss of property value, our neighborhood children suffer in their education as most of their curriculum is moving online. Please give zone 13 a long look as a the next construction expansion area in the near term as the return on investment would be high.