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6:22PM July 17, 2017

Alex Crowley

I live in the rural areas of Gore, Oklahoma south of braggs on Highway 10. We're practically on the end of Lake Region's electric which is also the services we use. Me and my family have been suffering horrible internet speeds of 7 Mb/s down and 0.80 Mb/s up. It takes me 4-8 hours just to upload a 1 minute video (sometimes it just doesn't go through due to the ping/latency being clogged by the upload) same goes with high resolution photos as well. Can't even do live streaming even with my powerful computer & capture card. m I've had Crosstel come down to test our copper lines and we are limited to what we can get due to being so far away from the DSLAM. They haven't had any plans of upgrading the services to like fiberoptic to make things better. They've also turned off their SDTV services years back and begin doing HDTV which we couldn't get due to the network we are on. Had to go with directv afterwards. I'm paying 63.95 for internet and phone and $100 for Directv. If Lake Region does work on bringing Fiber optic to our area and i do hope. We would be paying for the same price but with Better internet, Phone and TV. It would make me and everyone in our area who use your electric services happy.