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7:38PM July 08, 2017

Samuel Howe

HI, I live just outside the zone in Tahlequah, Mike ave to be exact. Personally I think that LREC would do well in this area simply because the best internet service offered is Tahlequah Cable. And honestly they aren't that good. They offer up to 100mbps a second and leave you with about 5mbps for upload. The problem though is that there are so many people that want their service but they don't have the equipment to handle the congestion. So for ex. on Friday nights I'm paying for 100mbps and getting about 8. I am not trying to down on the company but they weren't prepared to take on this many customers. All in all what I am trying to say is that I really hope LREC fiber gets offered here, not to compete with them, but to give everyone some diversity in internet providers. Which would actually help Tahlequah Cable in the long run because the customers who don't choose to switch will have less problems with congestion in the network. Regardless of the zone not reaching my area I have registered for it in hopes of getting it.