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12:04PM February 28, 2017

Chuck Spessard

It appears to me that you are putting your fiber in the rural areas first. Are you scared to take on Tahlequah CATV? Do you have an agreement with them to not compete? My zone, Sleepy Hollow, needs quite a few people to sign up before it will even be considered. How many have signed up in Sleepy Hollow zone compared to the zones you are building in now? By the way, don't be scared to take on Tahlequah cable. Their internet service is very inconsistent. It is my understanding that with cable you are at the mercy of people on the line with you. If you have someone who uses Netflix or games all the time who is before you then your speeds are affected by what they are doing. That must be the case for my service. It is also my understanding that this is not the case with fiber optic. However, new technology is coming out everyday. If you finally get to my zone five years from now are you not worried by then you will be obsolete?