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10:45PM September 17, 2021

Nick Davis

Any news on wheeler addition in Tahlequah? Been trying to get you guys for years now.

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11:36AM November 10, 2021

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Nick, we understand the need for reliable and fast internet. However, we are still building our members (LREC electric meters) in the rural areas of Cherokee and Wagoner Counties. Once this is completed, we will then review and look at housing addition. We have infrastructure near and look at the cost to build in (example Wheeler Addition). We are also still in talks with the City of Tahlequah (TPWA) on a partnership on providing Lake Region fiber in areas TPWA services. However, we still have miles of the LREC line we need to complete on our LREC poles before exploring options of using other companies' easements and poles. We hope you can understand this is an extensive infrastructure project and will take time to complete.