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1:30PM June 16, 2021

Mark Pennington

The backer page says I am in PEG 4 - FOUR CORNERS. Is there a way to see a map of that zone? Also, service is available in PEG 1 - LOST CITY. Does that mean you need to build out PEG 2 & 3 before starting PEG 4? I am not sure if the numbering indicates order of installation. Future PEG zones are Phase III, which is 18 months away if I am reading your Updates page correctly. Thank you.

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2:24PM June 16, 2021

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Mark - you are correct. We have completed the PEG1 feeder, and in the future (phase III), we will release PEG2, PEG3, PEG4 for construction. Unfortunately, we do not have a completion date yet for Phase III zones/feeders. However, we hope to release Phase III to construction this fall and have a better timeline for completing Phase III.