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12:32PM June 14, 2021

West Hilburn

Hello, just following up on COW-2 installations. We are moving to the area at the end of the month and trying to determine if we will have internet soon or if we need to sign up with a competitor? Thanks for your help, W. Hilburn

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1:05PM June 15, 2021

Lake Region Technology & Communications
We understand the frustration - we are pushing to start installs in all the Coweta feeders (COW1, COW2, COW3) in late July. We are working to bring up the equipment and test the light signal on all these new lines. Thank you for your interest in our new fiber-to-the-home network.

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2:06PM June 14, 2021

Rusty Kight
I'm in COW-2 and the are SO CLOSE. It's very frustrating after months and months of delays. They've even trenched to the house and installed the box, but that was almost a month ago.