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11:41AM March 13, 2021

Dana Stephenson

We are in the COW3/PORTER (scheduled in April 2021) area and I have seen some work out at the pole in front of our home. When they come to install the box on our house, we have a gated fence around our property. Do you contact us when you need access so I can put our dogs up and open the gate? Or how will I know when you need access?

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8:21AM March 30, 2021

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Dana, we are on schedule to start installs in the COW3 -Porter zone toward the end of April early May 2021. Once we have all the construction complete and testing on our new network in the Coweta area we will start home installations. Yes, Lake Region or a contractor will call once we need access to your property. Thank you for your interest in our new fiber optic services. We look forward to getting these new zones up and running.