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6:15PM February 02, 2021

Matt Dickerson

We live in the Greenleaf Park zone. You guys have run lines through here. It says Home Installs starting in March. Does that mean you then run the lines to each house OR does it mean that service can start as soon as March?

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2:37PM February 09, 2021

Lake Region Technology & Communications
We will start running service drops soon in the Greenleaf area. Our contractors will call in locates for each address that has pre-registered for service online. Once locates are complete, we can build the fiber out from our mainline to your home. At this time, we’ll also connect the fiber to the side of your home and install a small gray box called the NID box. Before we connect your home, we test our fiber lines to make sure the path is clear for light to travel. Yes, the Lake Region internet truly travels at the speed of light. So we are still a few months out before we start activating homes.

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10:22PM February 02, 2021

Alex Crowley
I wanna know this too, so we know when they'll arrive to drop the fiberoptic to our house.