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10:16PM January 04, 2021

Marie Sears

It says I'm in BRG 3 but when I try to find out about that area I don't see anything. Are you planning on coming out here or not. I have had a deposit up for years and still no sign of the fiber optics.

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1:48PM February 12, 2021

Joel Eusebio
Starlink just opened the pre-orders for our area!, this might be the best we can have until lake region gets to the Briggs area.

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10:25AM January 05, 2021

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Marie, It sounds like you are located on the Briggs substation feeder 3 (BRG3). Sorry, we do not have a timeline for completing the Briggs area. We are still planning on building this area. Management and the Board's goal is to add fiber-optic cable to all Lake Region lines. So all members will have access to reliable, high-speed internet.