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11:40AM March 07, 2020

Nick Davis

Can I please get some kind of response? I see most people getting a response within a day to a week. I’ve been waiting on one for close to three weeks.

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8:24AM March 09, 2020

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Nick Davis, sorry we missed your comment. We understand there is a need for real High-Speed Internet in Wheeler Addition in Tahlequah (TPWA electric poles). We are still evaluating this area to build. We still need more backers (interested homes) for this to be feasible. With this being said we have roughly 800 miles of fiber construction in our contractors' work plan for the next couple years. Most of this being in Wagoner County, and far south Cherokee County, attaching to LREC power poles. Please endure with us while we can only build so many miles of fiber optic lines a year. Wheeler Addition has not been forgotten, but maybe a few years before we can focus on this area. Thank you for your interest in our new fiber optic internet.