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12:24AM September 11, 2019

Michael Arnold

I live on 49th St which is not even a mile from mallard bay, most of us on the street don't have internet, if we do its DSL. Would you expand it to our street please. We have been waiting for a decent ISP provider for a number of years.

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8:27AM September 12, 2019

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Michael, Great news, we are currently working with our engineering group on providing service in the Maddard Bay area. This area has been selected for our Phase II (FTTH) build-out. Please encourage more of your neighbors who are in need of a decent internet provider to pre-register on this site. So we can design service drops from them as we build this area. We will announce a finish date as we get more into the construction. Thank you for your support in our new fiber network.