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2:02PM September 03, 2019

Butch Ketenbrink

I am the last Lake Region customer on 111th st in coweta. I have both LR and PSO in front of my house. I'm assuming that since I am one of the last ones on the line I will be one of the last ones considered for fiber service? Is there a date set for completion of the project?

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8:37AM September 12, 2019

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Butch Kentenbrink, after farther research you are located on or near our Highland Substation - Feeder 3, which we are still evaluating. We have no timeline yet in your area 111th St. Please help encourage more of your neighbors to register for our new services. This is one of the guiding factors on where we extend our fiber optic lines. Thank you for your interest in our services.