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11:15AM May 24, 2019

Leon Graves

Hello, I live north on Hwy 10 across Combs bridge. About a year ago you ran fiber cable (on accident I think) to about a half dozen houses down my road. From where the completed fiber cable on Hwy 10 is and the uncompleted fiber cable on my road is is less than 1 mile apart. We have spoke to LREC in the past and they said they were planning on completing it coming from Sparrow Hawk soon but now that looks like its not going to happen any time in the near future. Where we are located we can only get satellite access which goes out as soon as it starts raining (cant even get cell signal), we have seniors and children that live along that line and anytime there is severe weather or flooding we are just sitting ducks. In light of the recent storms and tornadoes it could be a lifesaver. Just wondering if there is anything we could do or say that would help get that short amount of fiber ran? Thank You. Leon

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8:29AM May 31, 2019

James Valliere
Leon, My neighborhood was in your same situation. LREC encouraged us to contact all of our neighbors and get as many people to sign-up as possible. The more that do, the better the chances. Determination (with patience) is key. Good luck