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12:36PM January 31, 2019

Leon Graves

Any idea when you'll connect N 563 Rd past Combs Bridge? You have had a line run for 2 years now from the Y to the last house (ours) but hasn't been connected to a main line. It's 1 mile to run from the Hwy 10 at Eagle Bluff. Was told by office back in Sept that we we're 4 months away and ARE part of the expansion (was looked up by my address). I need this for work at home and satellite I'd horrible. Thanks!

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8:22AM February 01, 2019

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Lean, I'm sorry to inform you but we made the call to stay on the west side of the river with our current Phase I construction. The employee you spoke with back in Sept. may not have had this information yet. We understand fast reliable internet is needed on the east side of the Illinois River. We are in the process of reviewing Phase II - fiber zones. Check back on our website zones and stay tuned to our newsletter or social media post announcing Phase II fiber zones. Thank you for backing our project to expand our fiber-to-the-home network.