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2:31PM December 08, 2018

Ashlie Coats

I applied for internet back in September and I see Keys says complete but yet i never got contacted about them coming to do construction and get my internet set up. What's going on?

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4:16PM January 15, 2019

Charlie Whaler
Um yeah been waiting about a year or two...... Sleepy Hollow feeder 3 I think said they were about done with Moody's and expecting it before March hopefully cause my gaming has come to a screeching halt do to the size of the updates my phone cant handle 15GB unless I leave my phone home for about a week

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12:45PM December 12, 2018

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Ashlie Coats, I understand it is no fun waiting on your line to be built. We have contractor crews spread out through several zones currently. Your order shows to be dispatched with our contractor crews working in Keys. Once we get a confirmation that your drop is built and have a signal - we will call you for an in-home install. Thank you for your patience.