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Lake Region fiber network is expanding!

11:29AM March 02, 2016

We’re excited to launch this new site, and can’t wait to see how our members engage at a grassroots level to build interest in their zones. While our pilot zone is fully developed and shown in the green portions of the zones map, everything now is up for grabs at this point. So if you’ve joined the crowd, we strongly encourage you to spread the word and get your neighbors, friends, and family on board. If we all pull together we can bring fiber to your neighborhood. Future construction plans may very well be guided by the zones with the greatest interest. We’re working on our end to build the system, and now need you working to spread the word.

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Great things are in store for LREC members as we introduce the broadband revolution!  Thanks for joining us, and welcome to The Crowd!
Excited Fiber Optic Worker

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