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9:39AM January 05, 2021

Rebecca Welch

Any word on PEG2 if or when it might ever make it to the planning stage. The majority of the Peggs school kids would be in that zone. Before covid it was not a problem but with distant learning and people needing to work from home it is needed now. I have waited to hear when it will be in the plans with no avail, must now go elsewhere.

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10:19AM January 05, 2021

Lake Region Technology & Communications
Rebecca, We apologies that our fiber service is not available at your address yet. We are finishing up the PEG1 feeder now – completion date Feb – March 2021. Then we will move to another feeder out of the Substation. It looks like your home is located on PEG2. We do not have a completion date from our contractors on the PEG2 line yet. We understand if you need to look else were for internet service. We will love to have your business once our network is up and running near your home in Peggs.